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It was a very special day as Santa's Cause, Inc., gave it's very first "Aspire To Climb Higher" Award. Given to Robert Cyr, II of Limington, Maine, this award is meant to recognize a youth that is working hard towards a specific goal that will help them gain knowledge and self esteem. This award is also intended to let young people know that when you work hard, when you want something more than anyone and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it – the community and those around you recognize that. We here at Santa's Cause and our friends and supporters like the people of Better Homes and Gardens and my friends and co-workers at The Department of Health and Human Services want to help them reach that goal.
Our Black Friday Challenge was such a success! We would like to take a minute to thank everyone that participated in our 1st Annual BFC! To those that attended our Meet and Greet on December 5th, it was great to meet you and your children, they are all so very precious!
Our children hold so much promise, I believe it is up to all of us to nurture their wonderful gifts. In the future, we hope to raise enough money to not only help children in need with gifts at Christmas, but to also help families with the cost of these programs which will help their children gain self worth. Thank you to our sponsor and all that participated. RE/MAX - Scott Shepard, I.D.R. Instant Dent Repair, Breault's Carpet @ Upholstery Cleaning, Big Daddy's Clam Shack and BBQ, After Five By Design, Above & Beyond Catering, Adams Park Storage, Back Office Works, LLC, MARY Neault Of Arbonne, Hawg Heaven, Bentley's, Blast From The Past and Better Homes and Gardens - The Masiello Group in Sanford
Santa's Cause is proud to announce the winner of our "Aspire to Climb Higher" Award. Congrats to Qorey Taylor of Waterboro. A Massabesic High Junior who is dedicated to his family as well as sensitive & supportive to all around him. His goal is to attend driver's ed to help his family with errands & to hopefully find a part time job! Qorey's parents are Troy & Carrieann, siblings are, Camrieann, Brady & Landry.
4th Annual ASPIRE TO CLIMB HIGHER AWARD 2013. The Santa's Cause Team was very happy to present our award to three amazing young ladies from Acton Elementary School. Seated left to right: Chelsea Smith, Baileigh McGoon and Hannah Miller. Also honored were the teachers who helped the girls with their "Post-It Project!
Friends and Families of Santa's Cause Inc. came out to show support and to enjoy good food and try to win some great raffle prizes!
For her 9th birthday party, Sydney Sawtelle asked her parents if instead of friends bringing her birthday gifts, she could ask them to bring toys that she could donate to Santa’s Cause, Inc. to give Santa some extra help with children not so fortunate

Her very proud parents, Gina and Chet Sawtelle were touched by their daughters kindness of heart and said “yes” to her request. The result was one wonderful and rewarding birthday party for Sydney and her friends and many toys for children in need!