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About Our Team

We are a small group of volunteers that have come together to assist underprivileged and struggling families in our York County Maine communities during the holiday season. As a team we work together throughout the year to prepare for a busy November and December.

Community service comes in many forms and we all bring different talents to the table. We share the philosophy that volunteering gives us an opportunity to change lives. It’s an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors and celebrate the spirit of giving back.

We never know to what extent our services will be needed from year to year. To provide assistance to those in need, we reach out to businesses and private citizens in York County Maine for donations of toys, clothing and monetary contributions. Thanks to the support of our community and volunteers, we have never left a request for help unanswered.

The response that we receive from of our York County merchants, businesses and private citizens is overwhelming! We couldn't make all this possible without you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

How Can You Help? Please visit our "Fundraisers" page for ideas!


Santa's Cause Maine Members

  • Robin Breault -Donarumo, Founder/President - 2005-Present -  Sanford, Maine - Email: R This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We would like to take a moment to THANK our Board members.

Robin Donarumo  Founder 2005-present

Carole Lacroix  2005-present

Virginia Deering  2005-present

Michelle Welch  2008-present

Penny Roy  2009-present

Kailee Donarumo  2011-present

Ellen Doyle  2013-present

*Lorri-Ann Driscoll  - always remembered, missed and loved *